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Semi Worldwide is a distributor of electronic components and PCB's. We supply a broad range of purchasing solutions.  At Semi Worldwide our mission is to be  Rapid, Reliable and Responsive. 

Rapid:  We aim to solve our customer production / sourcing problems in a timely efficient manner.  Urgently, looking for crictial parts? Click here for a rapid response on your inquires. 

Reliable:  We understand how important it is to get orders delivered on time. When production schedules are at stake. You can rely on Semi Worldwide to deliver on time.

Responsive:  In this every changing industry, our experience and market insight, as well as our upfront, proactive and responsive approach to service makes a difference.

Here are some of our major Product Lines and Services we offer:

Semiconductors. Including: Integrated circuits across  a virtually unlimited variety of classifications.  We offer manufacturers from Altera, Xilinix, Fairchild, Freescale, TI, AD and many more.  

CPU's and Microprocessors.  Including:  INTEL and AMD

Memory.  Including, DRAM, SRAM, EEPROM , modules, flash, chip sets and non volatiles. Including manufacturers from Samsung,  Micron and Hynix.

Passives.  Including: capacitors, inductors , resistors, We sell products from Yageo, AVEX, Kemet and Vishay.

Power Modules.  Including:  Toshiba, ST Power conversion modules including DC - DC modules, AC - DC power supply modules and switch power modules.

Printed Circuit Boards.  Including: Up to 18 layers, Single Sided, Double Sided, Multilayer, Stepped Multilayer, Flexible, Flex-Rigid, Surface mounted and Burried Heatsinks, Blind and Buried vias, Buried resistors and Fibre Optics in Board.  



Here are some of our popular products: 

Resistors, Caps

Transistors            Semiconductors      Microchips              Intergrated Circuits 
Transistors  Semiconductors Microchips Integrated_Circuits 

Additional Services 

PCB Manufacture   Component Testing PCB Testing  

black-and-white-computer-circuit-board-376139  Populating_and_testing visual-inspection-systems-36220-2430881

For more product infomation, please see Products and Services.


Top 10 Brands



xilinx texas
micro maxim
analog burrbrown
linear fairchild
atmel microchip

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