We offer a full range of services. Our strategic purchasing program include:


    • Aggressively priced quality products 
    • Global sourcing from qualified suppliers including inventory from Semi Worldwide Distributors
    • Rapid and knowledgable responses and market awareness from our competent sales team
    • Inventory bonding and scheduling
    • Cost reduction on your more expensive  everyday purchaseselectronics
    • Eliminating costly lead times by simply delivering components you cannot wait for on time when you need them.
    • Access to trailing edge technology end of life and obsolete components.
    • End of life and product change alerts
    • Testing services to handle your specific components needs.  Regular requests include component programming, component testing and vertification, decap and orginality verfication solderablility testing, part recertifaction and screening and custom packing
    • Flexible terms for qualified customers
    • Privatley owned which means we are customer focused and have long-term commitments to relationships and growth.  Our management and ownership are available to offer you experience, quick decisions, and flexibility when you need it most!