Semi Worldwide Pty Ltd welcomes you to our turnkey production solutions.


We offer the following services:


  • Bare Board manufacturing and supply (up to 18 layers)
  • Bill of Material Procurement
  • Full PCB populating services (SMT, DIP, Odd-form placement, 0402 level components)
  • Conformal Coating and washing (spray coating and dip coating)
  • Firmware/Software programming or uploading *(free service)
  • Test Jig design and building according to customer specifications *(free service)
  • Full PCBA function testing according to customer specifications and diagram *(free service)
  • Door to Door delivery service, anywhere in South Africa
  • Short turnaround time from date of order to delivery
  • Very competitive pricing structures with discount offers on medium to high production runs
  • Engineering support and design assistance
  • Very personal service to provide a close partnership which can improve product quality and long-levity

*Depending on contracted production runs, please contact us for more information.


Lead-free assembly: 


Due to strict safety standards we provide lead-free, silver paste, tin paste and wire assembly services if required




For more infomation about our additional services please contact us.