Its reality, in today’s global electronic market place, we are plagued with the problem of counterfeit components.  This problem is very much alive and spreading regardless of what continent one might purchase their components from.


Counterfeiting of electronic components can refer to a variety of activities.  It could be as simple as re-marking scrapped and possibly nonworking parts, or as complex as illegally manufacturing complete parts from original molds or designs.  An counterfeit part may be relabeled and appear to come from a different manufacturer or to appear to be a newer or older but more sought-after component than it actually is. Counterfeiters often go to great lengths to duplicate materials, part numbers, and serial numbers so that their wares match those of authentic products.


Semi Worldwide understands how big of a problem this is.  This is why we’ve developed an internal quality program and and vendor selection in place to prevent counterfeit products from reaching up on our customers' assembly lines. 

For additinal support, Semi Worldwide works in partnership with a select outside qualified testing labs to provide our customers the screening they need.


The following key service offerings are available 


  • Decapsulation - goes by many names from " decap "to " de-lidding" and even " internal inspection".  


It is a process through which the external insulating material is removed to expose the die.  The die is then inspected through a high-power microscope for markings and the condition of the wafer.  Through this process, the authenticity of the component, the actual part number of the component, and sometimes even the functionality of the component can be authenctified.







  • Full Parametric test 
The highest level of electrical test full parametric, or full functional ( FFT ), tests everything that the component is designed to do.
  • Full Functional test
The Functinal testing targets the primary functions of a component.  If those functions are working correctly. The supporting parameters are also functionally correctly.  This used for very complex components such as microprocessors.
  • Direct/Alternate Current Test
Direct and alternate current characteristics testing (DCFT and ACFT) programming sends the specific input current and reads the output currents.There is a strong correlation between application functionality and DCFT/ACFT.
  • Types of  Electronic component testing:


Dc to Dc converters                                           Micrprocessors                          

Memory Chips/ Modules                                       Optics

Digital IC's                                                        Rectifiers

Diodes                                                             Bridges

Capacitors                                                        Relays

ASICS                                                             SCR's

FEts                                                                Transistors

Fuses                                                              Triacs

Integrated circuits                                             Linear IC's

Linear Ic's                                                        LED


Counterfeiters continue to get more sophiscated, so electronic components distributors have to simply up our game.  Semi Worldwide has done that and is committed to continuous improvement, we believe that quality and attention makes the difference.  We offer quality components for competitive pricing this will allow you to buy with confidence.


If you are interested in any of these services, please get in touch with our office or click here.